Individual Officer Trauma Kit

Individual Officer Trauma Kit

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TACOPS® Individual Officer Trauma Kit (IOTK)
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Manufacturer: TACOPS®

The TACOPS® Individual Officer Trauma Kit was built to equip officers with the essential supplies to respond in emergency medical situations until the arrival of certified assistance. The small size of the IOTK allows for convenient storage in a multitude of places including an officer vehicle, range/call out bag, or desk at the office.

In addition, the kit is also a modular system using MOLLE style webbing that can be easily attached to any MOLLE compatible leg harness, vest, pack, or belt.

Quick treatment can mean the difference between life and death. The addition of the IOTK to an officer’s patrol equipment ensures the necessary equipment is within reach in case of hemorrhage injuries. Contents of the IOTK have been tested, proven, and used in multiple environments around the world to treat trauma injuries. Single hand opening allows for quick access during critical situations.

Read the Washington Post article about the IOTK in action.


-Emergency Medical Bandages


-QuickClot® Z-Fold LE Combat Gauze

-Chest Seal

-EMT Shears

-Nitrile Gloves


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