Trauma Kit: Mass Casualty Incident Response Kit

Trauma Kit: Mass Casualty Incident Response Kit

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TACOPS® Mass Casualty Incident Response Kit
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The Mass Casualty Incident Response Kit (MCIRK) began as a military version as TSSi responded to the needs in Afghanistan and Iraq for treating mass casualties with equipment the end user was already familiar with. It has expanded into the civilian arena now with the same characteristics: a large bag that holds a number of removable pouches capable of treating multiple people with life-threatening injuries.
The packs TSSi recently created for the City of Tucson, Arizona's law enforcement officers and firefighters were designed to respond to any natural or man made disaster where multiple people need to be treated for life threatening injuries. TSSi customized the kit to the City of Tucson's specific equipment needs.
The MCIRK was developed for civilian first responders to use in key locations such as shopping malls, schools, transportation hubs, sporting events and any place where large crowds gather.The Kit is equipped with six pull-out trauma packs each capable of treating multiple moderately injured persons (or one severely injured person).

Due to its easy transportability, there are several options for deploying this kit:
• Permanently Positioned – Shopping Malls, Schools, Transportation Hubs, etc.
• Pre-staged for Special Events – Stadiums, Arenas, Tent Events, etc.
• Transported by Vehicle – Carried on Emergency Response Vehicles.

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Kit Contents

• Rescue/Access Tool
• Trauma Shears
• Burn Dressings (Sterile) 18” x 18”
• Triangular Bandages, 40” x 40”
• CPR Pocket Masks
• Adhesive Tape 2” x 10yds.
• Gauze Pads (Sterile) 4” x 4”
• SAM Splints 18”
• SAM Splints 36”
• CoFlex UMAFD Bandages 4” x 3yds.
• Emergency Blankets
• Hypothermia Blankets
• SOF Tactical Tourniquets
• Permanent Felt-tip Markers, Blue
• White Chemical Lightsticks 6”, 30 Min High Intensity
• Yellow Chemical Lightsticks, 10”, 2 hour
• Abdominal Dressings
• Water-Jel Dressings 4” x 16”
• Water-Jel Dressings 8” x 18”
• Water-Jel Dressing 12” x 16”
• Disposable Stretchers
• QuickClot© LE Combat Gauze
• Safety Control Seals, Red
• BLAST Bandage 20” x 20”
• Disposable Gloves

*All TACOPS® kit contents can be custom configured to fit your end user requirements.  Please contact us directly regarding custom contents inquiries.

Learn more about the TSSi exclusive TACOPS® product line.

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